A Letter to my Unborn Son

It will not be long now before you enter this world, and change my life forever. I could not be more excited for your arrival, I also could not be more terrified, but that is okay as well, we will be terrified together for the first few days.


Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Since I am proponent of a token economy to teach them how to earn and to teach that actions have consequences, both good and bad, chores are an excellent thing to add to a token economy. 

Parenting Without Yelling

You have told your children for the second time to stop hitting each other and to clean up their toys. Two minutes later Wrestlemania is ensuing and somehow the toys on the floor have multiplied. You can feel your blood pressure rising and you lose your cool, yelling threats to sell their toys and ground them for life. Emotions run high and everyone is frustrated. So what can you do?

Suicide Among Nurses and Doctors

Healthcare professionals, despite our resilence, despite our ability to see the truly horrifying, comfort the sick and dying, and leave the burdens of the previous patient at the door of the room in order to move on and care for the next, we are not immune to the dark thoughts of anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Nurses Take DC for Patient Safety

May 4th and 5th 2017, Nurses from around the country will converge on Washington DC for a Patient Safety Conference and to rally for safe Nurse:Patient Staffing. Studies have shown that lower Nurse:Patient ratios are linked to improved outcomes, while greater numbers of patients per Nurse are linked to worse outcomes.