Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

My oldest child, the 5 year old, loves to be the helper.  Whether it is at home, or in school, he likes to have a job to do and he usually does it well.  His love of jobs is how I figured out that he is great at taking the empty garbage cans back from the curb, and that he is also great at gathering ingredients and stirring when I am making scrambled eggs.  Since I am proponent of a token economy to teach them how to earn and to teach that actions have consequences, both good and bad, chores are an excellent thing to add to a token economy.  Admittedly our token economy waxes and wanes but it is easy to institute it again, and in regards to chores, it is a fantastic way to have kids earn an allowance.

Chores do not have to be exhaustive and time intensive tasks that take all day long to complete, and at the younger age they really should be fairly quick and easy tasks, but things that still teach them responsibility, and lighten your load a bit.  Things like picking up their books ad toys, helping to load and empty a dishwasher, vacuum, etc are all great for school age children.

If you are looking for more ideas on age appropriate chores that kids can do, I found this post and graphic from Sports Mom Survival Guide which is a quick and helpful guide for what your kids may be able to help out with.

chore chart


What are some of the chores that your kids enjoy doing and what else can they do? Please give me your ideas in the comments!

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